The New Mexico Partnership for Mathematics and Science Education (NMPMSE) is a statewide membership organization representing institutions and projects involved in STEM education.


To promote coherence and quality of STEM education initiatives through dissemination of information, networking, coordination, and collaboration so that New Mexico will become a leader in STEM education.


To serve as a clearinghouse and network for STEM education initiatives in New Mexico.

The NMPMSE will accomplish its mission by:

- Providing a forum for communication among state government, non-profit organizations and projects, and private organizations interested in STEM education;

- Promoting coordination of STEM education projects and activities in New Mexico; and

- Providing opportunities for people and projects with similar goals to communicate and to work collaboratively.


The NMPMSE will:

- Identify, gather, and disseminate information about key STEM education issues in New Mexico and across the country;

- Provide networking opportunities for people from diverse institutions/organizations interested in STEM education;

 - Provide an organizational affiliation for people who want to initiate activities in STEM education across projects or institutions; and

 - Inform the Math and Science Bureau and state legislature about needs in STEM education and the implications of proposed legislation.

Thank you

Thank you NMPMSE is grateful to the IEEE Albuquerque section for their support!